Monday, July 14, 2008

Camp Ladybug No. 2

This week Susan's Snippets will be spotty (no ladybug pun intended), because instead of working in that big, beautiful city that I mostly love....I am located in a far western suburb...being Head Ladybug to three of my nieces - ages 12, 11 and 8.

I came up with the idea of Camp "Ladybug" last year and we had so much fun that it is now today the second Camp Ladybug began.

The eldest ladybug is beyond beautiful and very talented in the performing arts. I was able to get her into a singing/dance workshop at a local, well-respected theater. When I went to pick her up after her first workshop today...I snuck into the theater a little early....she was performing a dance routine with about 12 other teens...I could tell by her body language that she was uncomfortable...her head hung down and her moves were about a half beat behind the others. She has no organized dance in her background....and was surrounded by girls that more than likely have a lot of dance in their backgrounds...I was beaming proudly thru moist eyes and I can't wait to watch her perform at the end of the week - she has no idea of how fabulous she is.

The middle ladybug...unfortunately has been in the hospital fighting a bad staph infection since yesterday...we hope that she is able to come for the last half of our little Camp.

And the youngest..dethroned from being the baby of her family thru a divorce, remarriage of her mother..who then went on to have a special needs baby with her new husband, this ladybug is a handful at times...but she has the determination to excel in life with a "don't tell me that I can't do that" type of attitude.

So this week....I might be posting...or I might not...for now I have to make sure that the two ladybugs under my care have brushed their teeth and I can then tuck them into bed...

and that third ladybug...I pray for a full recovery because I miss her special buzzing around camp.

this tired counselor..needs to turn off the lamp


the dilf said...

if you're bored next week, I can send 2 your way. They stayed at Hedy's last year, never showered and got drunk. So....I don't know if you can top that.


that is such a cute idea!! I love it!
I hope your middle lady feels better soon, awful those infections. :(


Enjoy the burbs!