Thursday, July 10, 2008

"What are you looking for?”

I asked a family that had just stepped off a CTA bus, map in hand, with both adults pointing in different directions.

I like to think of myself as a Chicago greeter/helper.

The woman speaking with a heavy accent said “Auto Café.”

“Auto Café?” I responded.

“No A-U-T-O CAFÉ!” she replied.

I said “I don’t understand.”

She then showed me on the map what they were looking for....

“Hard Rock Cafe!...Yes, right this way.” and I walked with them for about half a block until they could see the big guitar sign.

"Thank You!" they said as they left me....the premier Chicago greeter/helper - Susan Snippet!

zip it


Cindiloo said...

Did you check for your wallet? That's their shtick, let's act all helpless and lost and we’ll get that nice blonde lady to help us, and then we’ll just help ourselves to some of her cashola. Just call me Negative Nelly

Liz said...

That's funny. I always manage to confuse people even further when I give directions. But then again, my husband says I have the ability to get lost in my own backyard. :)

Susan said...

Liz...that is what is so funny about me giving directions!! I have been lost more times than I care to say out loud!! I have no sense of the fact that I ask people "what are you looking for?" is a joke!!

i choke

p.s. - but obviously it doesn't stop me from trying.