Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"When I got laid off......

and was looking for a job.." I overheard him say as I walked past this morning. Not sure what happened with his story...but being he appeared to be heading into work....I think it turned out well.

It made me reflect on my work history...I have been working in Chicago since I was a senior in high school...toward the end of my senior year I answered an ad placed in a friend's high school newspaper for a beginning legal secretary experience necessary.

That was me - I have no experience!!


I remember going for my interview...I was like the cricket in Times Square...being the second eldest of 8 children...we hadn't traveled too far outside of the western suburbs and at my tender age of 17...I know I had never been into the Loop.

But I was hooked. Although the door-to-door commute and the cold, blustery, long winters get me frustrated at times - I still love this City.

it's pretty.


the dilf said...

I don't like Chicago. I was down there when I was about 25 yrs old, and somehow ended up in the "hood" at a Burger King. I just wanted to peacefully eat my Whopper and Fries until these "bums" came up to me and asked me for some money. I politely said no and they continued to pester me. Then they started demanding that I give them money. Then they told me they were gonna "Kick my country fkn @ss." So, I showed them my wallet with $4 in it and the one said,"Not a problem...but there's a $4 exit charge."
I went home.....broke.

Susan said...

Hey, Dilf...I can understand why you don't like Chicago because of your experience....but, as in any big City (and some smaller one's too), there are many areas that during the day are fine...but after the crowd goes away..I wouldn't want to hang around.

Most of the Loop/Michigan Ave/River North Area, etc. that I frequent are fine - especially during the day...but once it gets dark...even a veteran like me has had some odd encounters that could have led to things going very awry.

you should give us another try.

the dilf said...

Susie....I think tomorrow's blog should have the same title as today's.....but leave the "off" part off :)

Hedy said...

DILF! You have one bad experience in Chicago and write it off for good? Brilliant. If I applied that logic to my sex life, I'd be a nun.


Chicago is fun, as long as you leave your little ones at home and you go dine on wine.

maybe next time. :)


Ow, my son just threw a block at me!!

Anonymous said...

New York, LA, San Francisco... they don't have any of that criminal riff-raff, right?

I've lived here all my life and haven't gone into the Big City too much. With the new job, I'm thrown into it. I'm finding there's no better people watching, with the possible exception of O'Hare.