Tuesday, April 22, 2008

“A reminder….”

is how I started the email to my train posse and continued it with “today is our Pizza Party for Joe’s Birthday on the 5:04.”

Some years ago....I don’t recall exactly how it all started – but that my tall (6’8”) guy friend, Robin, and I were on a train, sitting up top and we realized that when we stopped at Downers Main Street – the door to our car lined up exactly with the door to Aurelio’s Pizza....so we got this idea - let's call and ask them if they would deliver pizza to our train car....and it has been a train tradition ever since.The day of our designated pizza party I will call Cookie (yes, that is the name of the day manager at Aurelio’s) and place our order....two fiesta-sized pizzas with American bacon and black olives (Robin’s original choosing and now a “have to”) – to be ready to go no later than 5:20 p.m. with instructions that upon seeing the 5:24 pull into the station – they are to walk the pizzas directly across the street to our train car and for that we tip them $5.00.

If it all works out - I, and another posse member, are waiting to get off the train car first, we meet the pizza guy/girl – get the pizzas, pay up the 5 buck tip and jump back on the train to eat pizza and drink beer all the way to the end of the line.

How is that for a nice way to end your work day?

So, in honor of today’s train-pizza-party-celebration, I will give a tip of my mobster hat to a well-loved, train posse member, Birthday Joe.

Way to go!


the dilf said...

-what if u drink too much beer..and have to pee?
-6'8"....jeeeeez...bet he has some "Big Feet"

Susan said...

Hey, Dilf - we sit in a train car -that has a bathroom - actually right next to it....but in all my years of commuting I have only used those disgusting-smelly-peed-all-over-by-mostly-drunk-guys-who-are-being-jostled-around-while-peeing bathrooms twice.

not nice

p.s.- I am sure Robin thinks he has big "feet"...but to tell the truth I wouldn't have a clue.