Friday, April 25, 2008

“I just don’t get it.”

I heard her say this morning. I did look just to make sure that it wasn’t my sister Wendy - being we have had a conversation where she said the same thing....except she was talking about blogging – specifically my blog.

“I don’t read your blog everyday – I just don’t get the whole blogging thing” was her response to my question if she reads my blog.

And I will say, in all fairness to her, she isn’t the only one that feels that way. I inquired of a co-worker....”Hey, Kath if one of your brother’s blogged...would you read it?” Her reply was that she might, but certainly not on a daily basis.

I started writing because I had always thought about the snippets I heard or saw during my weekday schlepping to-and-from work and was encouraged by my good friend Hedy at to just do it!

At the infancy stage I just wrote....I didn’t care about felt good to put some creative things down in black and white...but the more blogging I did – both in writing and in the reading of some of my favorites....suddenly I started to care.

There are days that my Statcounter shows that I have had eight (8) people open my blog page, which I know would more than likely be – my Mom, Keith, Hedy, Jeanine, Judy, John from Scotland, Crustybeef a/k/a Elizabeth and DILF.

My Mom because...well, she's my Mom!

Keith, possibly because of “favors” wanted (wink-wink!);

Hedy, because as a great writer and nudger of me to blog - she feels somewhat responsible for my content and wants to make sure I don't embarass her;

Jeanine, as a teacher of English, probably uses my blogs to show her students writing “don’ts”;

Judy....well, Jude...I think I make her laugh;

John from Scotland - I believe John enjoys reading about the sometimes zany antics of a partially-crazed woman from middle-America;

Crusty, who gets a tip of my hat for referring me to 6 Sentences blog – thank you – discovered me thru Hedy's blog and vice versa;

Last, but certainly not least...there is DILF – whom I have never met in person, but from his comments – I would say he enjoys spending A LOT of time in “fantasyland.”

So to my Super 8 fans, thank you, thank you, no matter what the reason - thank you for reading and commenting on my Snippets.

I will also say that I have evolved, in a blogmatic way, and find that my "if I had to be honest about it all" blogging prayer is that my readership will grow higher and higher.

don't want to retire


John Derks said...

My first bark. For a moment I thought I had been found out having a sneak view.then I found out I'm only a number

Susan said...

John - Congrats on your first bark!! I look forward to many more.

Although I listed my readers out in numbers....I appreciate EACH and every one!!

a ton


You should make a book.

did you buy the 6s, yet? I made Volume one.

See, I too hope to grow in words, and not in girth, but it could be worse, according to the lynchings in the Congo, eh? :)

Thank you for the mention! You and Hedy will both go far.
and I'm not just saying that, either.
It's a moms feeling. :)



whoops, Ps:
If your closest friends and family read your blog every day, would that make you sway from what you may say?


Hedy said...

HEY NOW - I don't read you to make sure you're 'up to standards' or whatever. I read because of your amazing insights and for the pure pleasure of getting a glimpse into your wonderful brain every day! I've asked friends "If you didn't know me would you still read my blog?" with mixed responses. But I have to say that if I didn't know you, Susan, a) I would be very, very sad and b) I would still read your blog every day. xoxoxo :)

Susan said...

Hey, Crusty...I do sometimes "filter" what I write because I start thinking about who might read it...but that seems to be waning the more I write.

I haven't bought 6s book yet...but I certainly don't mind supporting him. Thanks again for the thumbs up..and all your comments - much, much appreciated.


the dilf said...

I like it! Cuz I can ask stuff like this.

"Keith, possibly because of “favors” wanted (wink-wink!);"

I don't seem to understand...Please graphic terms

Why no blog yesterday?

Hedy said...

As you probably know, I do not filter what I write and it gets me into trouble quite frequently. For some reason I can't though. Maybe it's immaturity on my part. :)

Susan said...

Dilf - I won't go into detail for you...I am sure your mind can do fine on it's own.

As far as yesterday's non-blog - it was my first time I had missed -but between hearing no snippets throughout my morning commute that inspired me and these lawyers that I work with making me slave away all day..there was no posting!

here's to weekend toasting

Susan said...

Hedy - you are one of my blessings on many levels...but most importantly...if I didn't know you I wouldn't have gotten to know Dilf.

How sad of a life would I lead?

let me bleed