Monday, March 31, 2008

“No, thank you.”

Was my response to a fellow walker on this rainy morning, who offered to share their umbrella with me.

I had my umbrella in my bag, but over these years I have found that it is usually more of a pain to hold it upright and overhead, while fighting the gusty winds associated with our Chicago rains and the commuter crowds.

So, outside of a torrential downpour – I walk in it – au naturale – yes that means showing up at the office a little wet around the edges – but also giving me (hopefully) the extra added benefit of moisturizing my aging, ever-drier complexion....unless, and I just thought of this - there is acid in the rain!


1 comment:

Wise Ol' Man said...

Your blog this morning doesn't ring any response bells...sorry about that,
but I did come up with this:

There is this young lady named Susan,
Who walking in rain was her choosin',
The umbrella-manned crowd
Said their comments out loud,
"We think it's your brain you're not usin'."