Tuesday, April 1, 2008

“I know…

I heard you yelling.” was your response. I was the woman who ran to catch up with you last night after I witnessed you just narrowly missing being hit by a running-a-red-light-Chicago bus. I would like to think that your response was more from embarrassment rather than from you being flippant.

By the time I sat down on my train to head home I was physically shaking....after all these years of walking down here - that was the closest I have come to witnessing someone being hit.

For the record – I was not the only one who yelled – it was me and probably four others that were on that corner last night – we all shouted at you and quite possibly saved your life.

So, in the future - if you want to be stupid enough to dart across a Chicago street, just after a light turns green, during a heavy rain – with your umbrella blocking your view of possible-running-the-red-light-traffic – while your hood is up and you have headphones on – more power to you – just not while you are in my direct line of vision – I refuse to have that happen under my watch.

a splotch


Anonymous said...

Sounds like she was a prime candidate for a Darwin award, especially with the appreciative response. Cars never run red lights, right?



first the ankle twister and then this...
everything comes in threes, so look both ways before crossing any street..and remind the kids too! :)


Susan said...

Hey, Phatty - that's right only EVERY OTHER car runs a red light down here.....it is crazy.

To my fellow blogger, Crusty - I hesitated writing this because of possibly putting the "whammy" on myself - today I am staying in at lunch - not wanting to chance a long walk out there.

shouldn't dare


No worries, I did the three bit for ya...today when taking my boys to an open gym place that hosts inflatable bouncy things, I whacked my ankle on the door of my car...
you're safe, I'm not driving and now you can go back out to lunch again.

there are no longer FALLING ice signs. :)