Friday, March 28, 2008

“That’s a bad start to your day!”

I said to the older man as we fell into step next to each other this morning. I had just witnessed him helping a woman, who upon exiting a cab, twisted her ankle and went down into a large, muddy puddle of road grunge.

“Yeah, she is just lucky she didn’t really hurt herself.” He replied before darting across the street trying to make the light.

That is one of the hazards of walking the sidewalks and streets of this city, especially this year. It seems that the cold, wet winter has wreaked havoc on the concrete and the sidewalks and streets are looking like patchwork quilts, with missing patches.

I am sure Mayor Daley will have his crews out soon doing repairs – one laborer to do the actual physical work and three others in charge of working over the women walking by...I mean “supervising” the concrete being laid.

city paid


Anonymous said...

Supervisors, concrete, laid, women... what?



I really need to get back to my career....look at what I'm missing out on! :)

Happy Weekend.
no more snow
rain okay.