Friday, February 8, 2008

N. C. D.

As the powers that be would have it, my “No Complaining Day” has been, let’s just say, extremely difficult so far.

So as not to complain about anything – I will just be stating the following facts as to how my day has been going:

On the way to the train station, on its own accord, the passenger side window of my car fell down into the door - leaving me toasty COLD on this lovely Chicago winter morning.

My commuter train, after I would say at least 60+ years of operation in this Chicago climate, was late getting into the city because of “switching” problems…..possibly the surprising-to-the-train-company each year, "frozen" switches, which they haven’t been able to improve on.

Once getting into this beautiful city, while walking to work, I was splashed with road grunge by a passing cab.

Upon entering my office I was met by an attorney who needed me to transcribe, off of the phone, a long (1 ½ pages single spaced), rambling, mumbling, low-toned voicemail from a man, who to test my no complaining day to its limits, spoke these words “I know this is a very, very long message….” at which point I thought he was wrapping it up, but he then went on for another several minutes of mindless, I like to hear myself talk, yackity, yacking.

Again, I am just stating the facts.

And this is the final fact as of right now....

this has been a very trying, on my last nerve, kind of day of “No Complaining.”



the dilf said...

fck it!
I gave up at 5:45am when 2 jackasses were driving 50 mph, right next to each other. I hadn't cussed like that....since the drive home....last night!

Hedy said...

Since I just got up at 2 p.m. (bad sore throat/head cold thing), I've had no chance to complain really. This is how every no complaining day should be. Have a good (and warm!) weekend.