Thursday, February 7, 2008

Borrowing a quote from Drew Carey….

“Oh, you hate your job? Why didn’t you say so? There’s a support group for that – it’s called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar.”

A majority of the snippets that I overhear, especially on my walk back to Union at the end of the day, are complaints, bitchings, groanings, cursings that all have to do with people’s jobs. I usually don’t blog about these because as a rule I find them defeating.

Wasn’t there a time when people were happy to be able to support themselves and their families? Jobs were scarce and if you had one at all - you were THANKFUL!!

Now Susan I know for a fact that you have had some big issues at your place of employment and have griped about it.

Yup, you are correct! I could bitch and complain EVERYDAY about something or other that hadn’t gone the way that I thought it should of……but I don’t.

But you could!

But I don’t.

Well maybe all these people you are overhearing are only doing the “once or twice a year, something really devastating happened to them at work” type of complaining.

Maybe. But I vote Not.

As a society we complain way too much – some would say it is “human nature” to complain. Some would say it is a seasonal thing (Cowboy) – especially in the throws of a Chicago winter– that we get grumpy and tend to complain more.

I say let's try and mix it up for a day – just for one day – DO NOT complain about anything at all.

Zilch. Nothing. Nada. Shutty. Zip it!

Wouldn’t that be nice?

My “no complaining” day starts tomorrow, being today is shot because I am complaining about complaining.



the dilf said...

Funny topic here...I just spent the whole morning b*tching to my superiors about my bone-us (oops, bonus). I'm so p*ssed and crabby. If I bring MORE to the bottom line, should I get paid MORE or LESS? We seem to have a disagreement here.


Susan said...

Hey, Dilf – in a perfect world it would work that way – you make more money for them – they give more money to you.

Why don’t you have them wonder what is up by joining me tomorrow on my “no complaining” day – walk in with a big smile – maybe even bring them some donuts and just be cheerful all day!

how gay

Hedy said...

I'm in - tomorrow, no complaining. Just a big dumb-ass grin on my face all day. Of course, I'm thinking of self-medicating to achieve this feat, but oh well. :)

Susan said...

and Hedy it might help because tomorrow is Friday.....

play day