Friday, March 25, 2011


I was referred to you regarding the BATAVIA Republican newspaper that generously is bestowed upon me each week FOR FREE!

I wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading it because I have a sister who lives in GENEVA!?!?!?

If I can alert you to some great going-ons in Batavia would that be okay??

please just say"

was my email to a reporter I was referred to after noticing for years that the BATAVIA Republican newspaper consisted mostly of articles about Geneva and St. Charles, which always had me wondering why?

I decided this week to do some "investigating" and after a phone call to the paper, a referral to Frank, a reporter, and the above email being sent. . .

Frank responded:

"Hi Susan,

Yes. That would be great if you can send me any Batavia happenings you believe would be of interest. My former editor had only wanted no more than one Batavia story a week, but my new editor seems open to more Batavia stories.

Thank you for your email."

Now isn't that kind of crazy, that his "former editor" wanted no more than ONE Batavia story each week in the BATAVIA Republican??

So, Batavia citizens, let's keep Frank well aware of what is happening in our wonderful City by emailing him at and giving him notification.

batavia republican might actually have batavia information

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