Friday, December 17, 2010

Irony of Life...

Wendy and I discovered during my earlier than usual yearly check up with Dr. Patrick Stiff at Loyola Medical Center last night, that he had just returned to work after the sudden passing of his 59 year-old wife...

"Betsy Stiff took a break from her career as a hospital nurse to raise a family — and ended up with quite a brood of babies: aside from her own children, she became a foster parent over the years for 28 kids, many newborns with special medical needs.

“We would get a phone call asking if we were available to pick up a baby, and we’d drive to the hospital to pick him or her up,” said her physician-husband, Dr. Patrick Stiff Sr.

Mrs. Stiff sometimes handled two babies at the same time. “She just really loved it, she was fulfilled every day,” said her husband, who is the director of the Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center at the Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood. “She’d walk around holding one and feeding another one in her other arm at the same time,” he said. “She did not blink at all about accepting a baby even though we may have ended a relationship with child a week earlier. She believed if it was our time, it was our time.”

Stiff, a resident of Naperville, died Nov. 23 of a brain hemorrhage. She was 59.

As well as her husband, Stiff is survived by daughters Elizabeth Lodhi, Cailin Ramirez and Stephanie Stiff; sons Patrick Stiff Jr. and Scott Stiff; two grandchildren; and two siblings."

The man that saves so many lives was unable to save his precious saintly wife.

he looked broken filled with grief and strife

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