Monday, November 1, 2010

"What do you think if...

I am a bunch of grapes; you know one of the Hane’s guys?” Keith called from a local Halloween costume store, to ask.

“That sounds fine!” I responded with frustration.

Not at all frustrated with him, but frustrated, as I always have been, with the whole idea of having to come up with a costume for myself.

Costumes are Mandatory” the invitation read.

“Crap!” was what I thought.

The invite was from a high school friend, who has recently re-connected with me thru Facebook and she is wonderful!

We were going.

So while anguishing about what I was going to be...

I made sure to let Keith know that I was not able to help him out...

he was on his own.

“Well...I really want the banana costume.” he admitted.

“Then get it...that is fine.”

Or was it?

In hindsight maybe letting a guy pick out his own costume wasn't a good idea...

Next year, I will be going with him to help choose his costume at Halloween.

“you wanna touch my banana” caused some to scream

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