Friday, October 15, 2010

Left For Me to Find...


City and Suburban Edition.

I did not know that squirrels LOVED tomatoes, until yesterday, while at home baking, I watched a squirrel come back again and again to munch on this one that had been ripening in the sunshine on the rail of my deck!!

what the heck

A cute scarecrow that my creative sister, Sandy, made for a contest at the retirement/rehab facility, where she works, lovingly caring for the folks there.

with them her life she does share

A reminder this week of God's beauty, while nonchalantly driving to the Jewel.

a much needed renewal

A bicyclist with a whimsical sense of humor, somebody that I would enjoy!!

a dinosaur toy

Stenciled graffiti that spoke to me this week.

encouraged me to seek

A decaying underpass support, its colors and textures caught my eye.

demolition soon then bye bye

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