Wednesday, March 31, 2010


the two attorneys I work with yelled in unison after asking if I needed to wear a coat for my later-than-normal-time lunch walk today.
And boy, oh, boy were they correct!
Sprummer is here!
Yes, in Chicago we do not have four seasons, we have two – Finter and Sprummer.
Combos – going from one extreme to the next.
So today is the beginning of Sprummer.
With the bright sunshine and 74 degree temps, I found myself walk, walk, walking all the way to

State Street to view Marshall Field’s Macy’s Flower Show.

This annual Sprummer event showcases 1,000’s of flowers inside their
State Street store.
Here is what I got to see (and smell)…

Even the carpeting was fun and Sprummerish!!

My favorite part of the show was a whimsically fun mobile made out of balsa wood airplanes and dangled from the historic, beautiful mosaic dome in the center court...

I was so enamored by it...I went up to the second floor and shot this...

and to the third floor for this...

and then it was time to begrudgingly walk back to work!

Although on the way I passed by this...

and nothing-says-Sprummer-like-a-pink-scooter!

could not be cuter


Patti said...

Food for the soul

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Balsa Wood Air Force isn't so enamored with Sprummer and is plotting an allout attack.
What a very nice lunch.
-munch xo

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

I haven't been to Macy's in Chicago in so long, and the last time I was the flowers. Gosh I love it! Hope you are enjoying the weather, it's gonna stick around for a few days!

Liz said...

Sprummer! Yes! That's it! You've defined it perfectly. Sprummer is here too, a high of 80 today. I have mixed feelings, I really love those low 70's.

Rebecca said...

Me too!! Spring has sprung in Georgia! Love your photos, and I especially love the airplane mobile! Very cool! But that pink scooter...I NEED that!! Happy Spring, Miz Susan!