Thursday, March 25, 2010

“Hey, Mister…

you with the $1,000 suit! Can you spare something for a guy with nothing?”

I knew better than to even look his way as I walked down Lake Street yesterday.

After all these years and several “incidents” I have learned (hopefully).

Although for a change this homeless man wasn’t zeroing in on me, certainly not in my old (“comfortable”) blue jeans and thin, cotton, bought-at-Target jacket.

Nope, he was trying to hook the guy walking alongside of me, dressed kind of like this...

After Mr. Businessman and I had walked 10 feet or so, and I was certain that the coast was clear, I turned and said “That was the first time I heard that line!”

He smiled and replied “Actually, he was off a bit, it is a $2,000 suit!”

I picked up the pace and from over my shoulder I said...

“Well then, I guess you might have had something to spare!”

for himself and his suits he might only care

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