Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Snip, Snip, Snip….

and I am not talking about “Snippets” of conversation here…I am talking about scissors snipping off my hair.

Tonight I have an appointment with a trusted friend.

My hairstylist.

For years Deb has been nudging me to go with a short, sassy hair style.

I have been stuck in the “long means young” mode and when it comes to young - it encompasses a lot of things in my life...

like how I dress...

who I date...

and most often how I act...

But I have come to the conclusion that due to age and other extenuating factors it is time for me to get rid of this over processed, thinning, not very flattering, longer hair.

And THAT is all I am willing to change at this point.

I will still dress, date and act younger than my age!!

this cougar is outta her cage


jude said...

You could be bald and would still be beautiful to me!!! Can't wait to see your new hairstyle :)
Remember...Short = Sassy!!
P.S. Great pic of Keith on the boat.....wish we were there!

Susan's Snippets said...

Thanks, Jude!

As far as Keith and the boat...oh, Yes!!

lets ditch this mess

Paule said...

A wise man on the train once commented that your head lends itself to a short haircut. I still laugh at that story today.

Lana said...

I think you would look great with shorter hair!! Make sure to post pictures of it after you get it cut!