Wednesday, December 2, 2009

“With no offense...

why do you think people love your cookies so much?” my trusted friend inquired “I mean they are good, but they are just cookies.”

As you might already know, last night I had an appointment with Deb, my hairstylist (and trusted friend).

Not only is she remarkably talented in her profession…but she is a great read of people and gives awesome advice.

So your appointment leaves you not only with beautifully coiffed hair, but also with that purged feeling of having just finished a therapy session.

We talk about it all.







and everything in between.

I had asked her to cut my hair even shorter….but she hesitated and said “I know you well enough that you are going to need to get use to time we can go shorter if you want.”

I paid, gave Deb a big hug and walked out into the cool, brisk December night and headed home for Round 2 of the day...baking for my keepsmepayingthemortgage business…

dot dot dot eat cookies a lot!

A platter of holiday cookies is being picked up tonight by one of my constant clients who tells me she “just doesn't have the time to bake!”

there is 24 hours in a day for pete sake

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