Thursday, September 10, 2009

Susan Snippets, P.I.

While walking eastbound at lunch today, I unknowingly-until-it-was-way-too-late walked past a long line of construction workers. They were sitting against a building, eating their lunches, sunning themselves and “people” watching on this beautiful (BEAUTIFUL) September Chicago day.

During my walk, I decided I was going to once again pass the line, but this time I would videotape for a couple of seconds with my Snippet’s camera pointing backwards –to see how these guys behave when a “people” is not watching.

And THIS is what I was able to capture....

The next time I choose to do a private investigator-covert type of operation – I should probably point the camera at something other than me!

no boys only club things did i really see


Anonymous said...

Now THAT is Oscar material. Excellent cinematography!



ha! now that is funny! The last guy in the pic you can see him looking (I wonder if he wanted to know why you were filming your tush?)

Only you... :)

Vicki said...

Nice butt cam.


... Paige said...

Humm, I want to say something...something clever and witty but
I am at a loss