Tuesday, September 8, 2009

“Stuffed, Roughed and Not So Ready to Roll”

would be a good title for today, Tuesday, the day after the “last hurrah of summer” Labor Day Weekend.
I officially closed my birthday week(s) as of 10:00 p.m. last night.

No more sugar for a while....my birthday sweets fest really takes a toll on how I feel (I won’t even mention how it immediately, ginormously expands my muffin tops and gut!)

But it was fun while it lasted.

My just-a-year-older sister, Vicki, was in town from that great Bluegrass State of Kentucky this weekend and was part of the baking cookies crew on Friday night (she also threw together a wonderful Thai Chicken Lettuce Wrap dinner – healthy and YUMMY!), stayed the night and accompanied me to the Market on Saturday morning to help sell.

The Market was a complete success, wonderful weather and all the cookies were sold with an hour still left.

Which lead me to this thought…..

BAKE more cookies!!

There were  friends and relatives that stopped by the Market; socializing and dancing  to the music of  The Empty Can Band (okay maybe one trip to the stage to sing also!); another great dinner provided by my Momma; church; a wonderful evening on a friend filled patio – pizza, wine, sharing and caring; yard work done (that would be the “roughed” part of the title – sore, sore, sore from digging, planting and edging – but it is looking great!); and I ended the long weekend with my two "baby" sisters, their families and one last pull-out-all-the-stops fabulous dinner.

I recognize that most everything I do revolves around food….

and family….

and friends.

Not too bad of a deal is that?

although I should be very very fat

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