Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Common Sight in European Cities…..

are shop owners outside of their businesses sweeping, washing and tidying up their store fronts.

I think of that practice as I walk the sidewalks of Chicago and see (and smell) the filth and trash that litter the common areas.

This morning as I walked along DesPlaines Avenue, I shot these photos……

all of which are from the perimeter of parking lots.

Parking lot owners are not the only violators, it just so happened that these were the offenders that I saw this morning.  Although it does seem ubber wrong in this case due to the fact that both of these parking lots have attendants, who sit in booths all day long......

during the busy morning and evening rushes and all the time in-between.

So my question would be…..

Why can’t they find the time to walk around the outside of the fence, pick up any trash and deposit it in the “possibly-right-there” garbage can?

make chicago a cleaner city fan

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