Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Are you counting your bankroll back there?"

I inquired of Jeff, who was sitting directly behind me on the train this morning, counting out bills.

Jeff has been part of my morning train posse for about a year now - happily married, an old school kind of guy, who swears like a truck driver (very hard for me not to gasp! several times during each commute downtown.), but has a thread of my father within him, which makes me feel comfortably safe when he is around.

"No, I collected a couple of bucks from some guys I was with the other night, so here is $51 dollars for your birthday - buy YOURSELF something!" he demanded as he tried to hand me the money.

"What?!?!? I am not taking it!" was my stubborn, I-can-take-care-of-myself response.

"Yes, you are!" he said as he placed it on top of the newspaper in my lap.

"Why?" I weepily asked.

"Because those guys had no problem coughing up a couple of bucks," he said, "and this will end out your birthday week!"

I thanked him, while hesitantly folding the bills up and putting them into my old-lady-little-blue coin purse - at the same time thinking - what can I buy, what can I buy???

a very kind but swearing guy


Liz said...

Wow! What a sweet heart! I'd do one of two things. Buy a new purse (cause I always want a new one), or treat myself to a really nice dinner and movie (probably Jule & Julia).

Susan's Snippets said...

Liz - I am definitely leaning towards a purse.

I saw one that I LOVED on the cover of Real Simple magazine - right next to the "Affordable fashion..." heading - guess what?

When I searched the magazine to find out who makes it and how much it is Prada and a mere $1,900 DOLLARS!!