Thursday, July 16, 2009


it appears that Phillip and I brought something home with us from Scottsdale and it isn't a welcome visitor!

Since Tuesday night we have been fevering, coughing and having sore throats. He has it much worse than me, so tomorrow, health insurance or not (not), he will be going to the doc.

I, hopefully, will be back to work tomorrow.

scottsdale virus sorrow


... Paige said...

Sorry to hear y'all have a cootie. Get better and I mean that
I had no idea as to how many are estimated in the US much less there is a national org. I will file this in my hard drive and hope to call it up when / if I or someone I talk to needs it.
again get better so you can sparkle

Susan's Snippets said...

Paige - Thanks for the encouraging words and keeping NSA in your mind!!

very kind