Sunday, July 19, 2009

"I am bringing Phillip into your....

examining room because you both have tested positive for influenza and the doctor might as well see you at the same time." the nurse said as she led Phillip into my room last Friday.

Dr. Kruse came in and informed us "You both have the H1N1 virus - swine flu."



Sore Throat;

Cough; and

An overall feeling of having been hit by a truck.

Yup, those are all of our symptoms.

Somewhere along our path of flying to Arizona, being in Arizona or flying back home to Chicago we became infected with the virus.

And it hasn't been fun.

Although it has given some loving, caring, creative friends and family the opportunity to compassionately inundate us with pig jokes, phone calls involving oinking noises and emailed remedies of rolling around in cool mud to lower our temps!

in cheering us up attempts


Scarlett Rose said...

This made my eyes well up slightly - gorgeous. x

Scarlett Rose said...

Hope you and Phillip both feel better soon, seriously! Swine flu is NO fun at all. I'm not going to make any pig jokes, I swear :) Hope some chicken soup makes you feel better :) xo

... Paige said...

Forget the chicken soup you need some pulled pork samwiches or pigs ina blanket.
I have a question and along with the above you have most likely already been asked...
So do ya'll snort now when y'all laugh?

Do take care, Feel Better

gosh I hope I don't catch it just because I commented.