Thursday, July 2, 2009

“In a fight who do you think would win….

Chips Ahoy or Oreo’s?” he asked me last night as I was walking back from the bathroom to my table at Paulie’s Pub & Grille.

I was there with two of my comrade-in-arms' girlfriends, a middle of the week dinner, a gathering, to catch up, to discuss our lives as divorcees, our kids, our careers, etc.

As you can imagine, the conversation was non-stop, so I was unaware of any other customers in the place (although I will admit the two business guys that got out of the Maserati in the parking lot, might of caught my eye, but that had more to do with the car than them.)

“Oreo’s.” I replied.

“Double-stuff or regular?” he furthered with.

I said “Double-stuff. Why do you want to know?”

"You are wearing a Cookie Monster shirt.” he said while pointing at my chest.

Younger than Keith and obviously not very savvy with his pick up lines, I told him to take care and I walked back to my table....chuckling as I thought "I was watching Sesame Street years before you were even born!"

next time I go cookie monster unadorn

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