Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Batter Up!!

“Susan, you are going to be the catcher.” Mike, our softball coach, said on Saturday.

“What? I am the oldest member of this team…why am I catching?” I protested.

“Because that is where I put you.” He replied.

As a youngster I played 11-inch “Ponytail” softball....which then led to me playing thru my 20’s and at the ripe age of 30 - I played my last organized league game.

That was until this year...Keith and I were approached by his brother-in-law and asked to play in a coed park district softball league for the spring season. We agreed, bringing my son, Phillip, along as a substitute.

Upon arriving at the ball field for a double header on Saturday – I announced to my all-way-under-the-age-of-40-teammates, that I was “old” and I hadn’t swung a bat or ran bases in, basically, DO NOT EXPECT MUCH OUT OF ME!

I was there for the fun and socializing and that was about it.

As I settled myself in the crouch position behind home plate I decided I was going to give it my best, my all, the old college try....not knowing what that might be.

You know...because I am old.

Guess what???

I played great!!

I caught both games.

I hit the ball and got on base 6 out of my 8 at bats.

I got an RBI.

I even had a play at home where I tagged the runner out!!

And we WON - twice!

Now the next couple of days following those games..well, this ol’ gal’s body paid the price.

Everything from my neck, to my hands, to my ribs, to my feet ached....walking up and down my stairs was agonizing and "going" to the bathroom was so painful - I pushed my bladder to new capacity limits.

But, obviously it must not have been agonizing enough, because this Saturday I am planning to put my spikes and glove on again and give it another go around for the sake of the game.

pray for me i may end up lame


PattiS said...

Wow! I am so proud of you, I hope each game is more fun than the last!

Hedy said...

That is FABULOUS!!!! YOU RULE!!! Let us know next time you're playing and where - what a blast it would be to see you play. Way to go!

mabell said...

YOU GO GIRL! Show those youngins how to really play the game then go out and have a cold beer (or 2) afterwards, it will help kill the pain!