Wednesday, April 1, 2009

When I was twelve years old…..

my up-until-then blue collar, lower-middle-class parents, inherited some money.

A SIZABLE sum of money.

So much money, in fact, they decided to give their children what they never had while growing up....worldly experiences and culture.

They sent each of us that were of school age, which would have been 5 of the six born at that time, to boarding schools abroad.

I got sent to France...spending the next six years of my school career absorbing their language, history and the everyday life of being French.

I graduated from the prestigious Collège Lycée International Cévenol speaking fluent French and in love with their people.

During my time there I met Alexandra and we have been friends ever since. She has visited me several times in the States and I have taken my children to visit her and her family, where we wandered all over Paris and Northwestern France.

Here is a picture of Alex and Anna walking back from Mont Saint Michel...

You might be wondering WHY after all this time, have I never mentioned this incredible slice of my life...well being the humble Susan Snippets that I am, I didn’t want to fill you with envy and make you drool.

you april fool

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