Monday, March 30, 2009

"Are you crazy?"

My son strongly asked of me this past weekend.

He is having a real hard time relating to my conservative views.

My opinions come from a traditional, less complicated upbringing.

At a time where I, and most every kid I knew, were taught respect, discipline, a strong work ethic and love for God, Family and our Country.

So fast forward 20 plus years and my son's generation (Generation "E" for Entitlement) has been mamby-pambied to death...thus possibly (I recognize that not EVERY kid is like this) leaving us to be cared for by self-centered, under-motivated, overly-politically-corrected, anything-goes-attituded, disrespectful kids...that can't even buy themselves a real clue.

what to do what to do



the clue is in the ballroom with Mrs White.

he'll get it when he becomes one of us-
such a fuss.

Susan's Snippets said...

CB -

I understand that there will come a day when he "gets it" on some level...but my bigger concern is that it is not just is this next generation...I think it is time to go full circle again.

i will probably offend

... Paige said...

I think every generation believes they are the last ones that were taught respect, good work ethic, and love for God. Which seems weird.

I just want to know why My generation was the last one taught RESPONSIBILITY.

I did try to teach my little ones (now grown). But I suppose we all have the same or similar choices and…oh wait that is the responsibility issue again.

Now in my opinion they are entitled to squat.

Work for it, earn it, deserve it, learn to live with it and get over it.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

I continue to be reminded that each generation has different ways of thinking. We can only hace so much influence on our children. They aren't really ours. If they know we love them that has to be enough sometimes.