Thursday, April 23, 2009

Powering Up!

The 500 North LaSalle Street building has finally come full circle.

Built in 1887 for the LaSalle Street Cable Car Powerhouse, it is a rare surviving artifact of Chicago’s cable car system. It was constructed to house engines that moved two miles of cable through channels laid in the streets of Chicago's near north side and Loop business district.

Since that time it has been the spot for such memorable restaurants as Burhop’s, Michael Jordan’s and the most recently shuttered...Lalo’s.

Now the LaSalle Power Company, a food and music venue, is officially opening Friday, May 1st. Being aptly named for its' original purpose, it will power up the north side with great food, drinks and musical talent.

I was asked by manager, Ivan Torres (formerly of English) to stop by yesterday, with my posse, to try out a limited "small portion" menu during their soft opening.

Upon arriving, we were warmly greeted by beautiful hostesses, who made sure, in the frenzy of the soft opening lunch, that we were well taken care of.

I will say that for a new staff and kitchen – I was impressed with our service, the food’s presentation and it’s quality.

Here is a sampling of what we ordered:

"Sliders", with our hands down favorite being the lobster salad....


The lettuce wraps with tasty bbq chicken, black bean and corn salsa were very well received...

And I will admit to falling in L-O-V-E with their fries, steak and sweet potato choices....they were wonderful!

and a-not-to-be-forgotten, but-a-little-too-rich for me, Lobster and Steak Pot Pie...

Now, in Susan Snippet’s opinion, LaSalle Power’s key to being successful will be offering quality food, at a reasonable cost, with good service – to the weekday lunch crowd.

On the weekends, with the musical acts being hosted in the completely renovated third floor lounge...

I do not foresee any difficulty in filling it to the rafters...especially if continue pulling in talented musicians, such as Victory Record’s 1997, who will be performing this Saturday, during a special “soft opening” benefit....bringing awareness and funding to The Alliance for Lupus Research.

Stop on by LaSalle Power Company and while you are there...let Ivan know that Susan Snippets sent you to check, check, check it out.

should be powerful without a doubt