Monday, April 27, 2009

“Are you okay?”

The nurse said to me.

Well, I thought I was when I walked into the room to see my daughter, Anna, after her oral surgery last Friday – she had all four of her wisdom teeth removed.

But I guess it was pretty obvious when the nurse saw all the color drain out of my face....that I wasn’t.

“No, I am sorry...I'm not.” I replied.

With the help of another nurse they put me into a wheelchair they had waiting to transport Anna to the car.

My head down, a cold, wet towel on the back of my neck, a couple swigs of water and I started to feel normal again.

“Mom, what is wrong with you?” Anna mumbled thru her bloodied, cotton stuffed mouth.

I can tell you exactly what was wrong with me...I hadn’t eaten breakfast; my daughter just had her first official surgery; I waited for almost two hours to see her afterwards; she was crying when I walked into the room; the nurse had just started explaining how to care for the aftermath in her mouth, when she told me that Anna had opted to save her wisdom which point Anna held up a clear plastic bag containing four HUGE teeth...that is when I felt the lights starting to go out.

Although I never FULLY fainted....I had wandered into that in-between place....just before you hit the deck.

I spent the rest of that day and the next two catering to Anna’s needs – which ranged from “I want Velveeta Shells & Cheese and a Smoothie” to “I want more VICODIN!”

She is still recuperating at home today and I am in the process of getting her weaned off the pain pills. With any luck it will all go well and she will be seeing the halls of her high school tomorrow.

And me....well I have let Anna know that I DO NOT want to see her yanked-out teeth any more.

too much blood and gore


Diane Vogel Ferri said...

I was escorted out of my son's room when he was getting stitches due to hyperventilating - some mom!

jude said...

Hope your girl is feeling better! Oh, and how was lastnight w/
I was also trying to give feedback on your "Powering Up" post, but was unable to. Anyhoo.....I have to tell you that I live vicariously through you Suse. If I were to live my life over, I would work (and perhaps, live) in the great city of Chicago, and experience all that you write about. Wish I worked in there with you. We would have good times (and laughs), I'm sure! xoxo


YIKES! poor hurts..alot.

glad you didn't hit the ground..would the fine doc have driven you home?

Liz said...

Bless your heart! I would have SO freaked out too! I remember having my wisdom teeth out, mostly I just enjoyed the drugs and age applesauce. Dont remember much more than that. :)