Thursday, April 9, 2009

"No! I am not going!"

"It is too expensive and dumb!"

All in response to me asking my daughter if she is planning on going to her Senior Prom.

Her far west suburban Chicago high school has decided that prom this year, for the first time ever, will be held at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.

With a price tag of $125 per person and a round trip total of 3 hours on a bus.

My gut instinct was to argue against her decision and I did...

”This is your SENIOR year!” “Your SENIOR prom!” “How can you NOT go?”

I implored...several times over.

And then I stopped...mid-sentence...wait a minute...

She DOES NOT want to go....this is going to save me a TON of money!

No expensive-will-only-wear-once dress;

No have-to-have accessory jewelry, purse and shoes;

No “up-do” hairstyle, that unless Auntie Cindiloo volunteers to do again, would cost me $60+.

No acrylic nails;

No pedicure;

No florist bill;

If she doesn’t want to go, what do I do...insist?

on behalf of my meager savings i will resist


Liz said...

Well... she sounds sensible beyond her years. I went to prom as a junior... but skipped my senor year. I've never been sorry.

Have a great Easter weekend!


HEy wait, I thought you could only go to PROM If asked..
so, was she asked?

She should go..
she'll wish she did when she's crusty and 34.

... Paige said...

Not to monkey wrench it, but perhaps she and a date or couple of friends can go out for a nice dinner as a personal celebration of a private prom

Susan's Snippets said...

Paige...I will throw that great idea to her and see what she thinks...thank you!!

foo foo

Susan's Snippets said...


"was she asked?"....Now that is a very good question and too complicated for this blog.

I really think, knowing how practical she is...she will not care when she is crusty and old.

with laundry to fold