Wednesday, March 11, 2009


With a 40 degrees drop in actual temperature from yesterday, coupled with a "Good Morning" windchill of ZERO......

It was all I could do to climb out of my warm bed this morning after lying awake listening to the winds gust up to 50 mph, each time causing my old attic bedroom to creak and groan...just like I did as I threw back the covers and started down the colder-than-the-day-before wooden stairs to begin my work day.

Once on the road though I was inspired to keep on driving by the above pictured God-created, fabulously, beautiful full morning moon.

i still cannot wait for june


... Paige said...

HEY, what cha doing with my moon?
I took pictures of it last night with the clouds rolling in...on my 365 Views by Me blog


the wind is a nice imagination for a beachhouse near the surf..

ahhh..I fell asleep last night imagining I was somewhere warm.

This morning, I cursed the moon as my puppy tried to play with the leaves instead of going poopoo and peepee. :)

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Love that - the colors are beautiful!