Thursday, February 19, 2009

Too Funny...

was my first thought upon seeing the hopefully-not-damaging vandalism that occurred recently to the above mural!

Inside the Apparel Center is a long hallway, the same hallway where I found my Bren Bataclan painting, and it has a mural along one wall.

I assume it was painted by art students who attend(ed) the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago - a tenant in that same building.

The mural is an eclectic assortment of paintings, from a fish, a plated slice of cake, local politicians, a Chicago style hot dog in a poppy seed bun to a 19th century woman seemingly starting to nurse a cherub.

And as you can see from the picture of the painting includes a full-on boob view...that was until recently....

when somebody decided to cover it up....well cover up the nipple part....possibly because the hallway opens to the outside and being in the middle of a typical Chicago winter...they thought she might get too cold.

making it look wrinkly and old


Cindiloo said...

Hilarious!! Inventive too!!

... Paige said...

Just the other day I was telling my Beloved how one of my little sisters used to tell me to put a band aide on "them"
I suspect it may have been her, that is if she up there.
She has always been jealous of females that have taataas with happy, glad ta see ya nipples