Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pain, Suffering & Torture

It is inevitable.

I put it off as long as possible and now it is to the point that it is a “have to do.”

So I have scheduled it, placed it in ink on my calendar.

It is official - this weekend I will be shopping for a new pair of shoes.

Ideally a pair that is not only stylish, but a pair that has a high comfort level that goes beyond the placing on my feet and walking a few steps in the shoe store range.

I dread the historical BREAKING IN OF MY FEET with new shoes. It is a miserable, tortuous, long-suffering ritual – a curse of sorts that affects primarily us gals.

shoes are not my pals


Liz said...

Oh. I am SO sorry. I never buy shoes just for that reason. I also only have two pairs of dress shoes that I keep wearing every other day. Not good.

kengell said...

Two words

Stiletto heals!

for squeals

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Can't wait for flip-flop weather!