Friday, January 23, 2009

Left For Me To Find Friday!!

As we glide from weekday to weekend - straight smack into a cold spell that will be engulfing us (again!) I wanted to leave you with some "finds" that individuals were kind enough to leave for my viewing...

A snow encrusted planter filled with greenery? Or a garbage can? It's Both!!

Left behind by a guy in my train car heading home, this guy drinks these EVERY NIGHT, departs the train at my suburban station and then drives off in his big, black truck.



Cindiloo said...

"WTF" tisk tisk. I do not believe I have ever heard you use that one before, joey yes, me yes, you no

what the flo

Susan's Snippets said...

Cindiloo -

I felt okay in typing that because I didn't use the full word - unlike Joey and you.

so blue


hmm, I might just have to "phone a friend" for the train pal in the black cab! :)

As for the coffee's my dream to wake up to starbucks under my tree.



Susan's Snippets said...

Hey Crusty..

Not sure if this guy would be legally dui - he is a BIG guy...but still seems like overkill just for the ride home. I wonder if he tells his wife every night that he had "a" beer on the train.

no brain

... Paige said...

Maybe the big guy is ok to drive after drinking so much does appear to be "light"