Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Meat Me. Please!

For all of 2008 I was a vegetarian.

After thinking about it for years and hearing of all the health benefits associated with vegetarianism, I took the plunge.

At the start of my new lifestyle, I looked so forward to the weight loss and "soon-to-be-mine" euphoric feeling which I had read happens when you rid your body of meat.

So for a year No Fish, No Chicken, No Beef, No Pork, No flesh - outside of the stray bits of bacon somebody snuck into a salad – NO meat for me.

This worked well until about June....when meat began speaking my name and because I didn’t want to be a quitter....I ignored their voices. Voices, which began as whispers and crescendo into screams! I desperately tried to fill myself up with sweets, pastas, cheeses, breads, butter....you name it – anything and everything except meat.

Until Saturday.

After dragging myself back into the watchers-of-weight program for a weigh in and looking at the number in black and white - more than a 20+ pound gain, coupled with NEVER, EVER experiencing the tremendous detox feeling that I had read about...I crossed back over to the other side – the red side.

Announcing, quite frankly, that I like meat and meat likes me.

My decision made and armed with the knowledge of how to eat healthy and lean...I am looking forward to the meats I have craved and missed so very much over the past year.


Hello there, Mr. Piggy!

Howdy, Mr. Cow!

Good Evening, Mr. Cod!

Nice to see you again, Miss Chicken!

its gonna be finger-lickin


Paule said...

Thanks for coming home. You should take a read at all of the negative side affects of being a vegtabletarian.

... Paige said...


~~~when you said you liked meat a song popped in my head; a hip hop sort of song by Sir Mix-A-Lot~~~

Ok so it's funny in my head.

Hedy said...

YAY! Meat is good!


go to wildfire and get a bacon crusted filet--a way to devirginize your veggiestyle. :)