Wednesday, December 31, 2008


is a store that I have passed 100 times during my lunch walks without ever stepping inside to investigate. In my mind it was an antique/collectible kind of store mistakenly opened in the River North District, just blocks off our Mag Mile.

That was until yesterday when my eyes got a glimpse of this sign on their door....

and I got sucked in by the sale.

And what a great sale it was, so good in fact that I purchased a couple of couldn't-live-without-Christmas items at half price....

and I fell in love with their store. (Liz from Mabel's House - you would adore the little birdie wreath that I picked up for a song!)

P.O.S.H. is located at 613 North State Street and contains an eclectic mix of new and vintage merchandise (more new than vintage); the employees were cheerful, the store's logo is whimsically cute and your purchase is wrapped in tissue and placed inside a cute logo-embossed handled bag.

If you stop by P.O.S.H.....tell them that you read about their store on Susan's Snippets.

To which they will reply "where???"

just thought i would share

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Liz said...

Well... you know if I lived there I would SO be at that store today! :)