Monday, December 22, 2008

“We are currently running…..

50 minutes late due to equipment failure.”

was our recorded message this morning on this sub-zero-actual-temperature Chicago day.

After arriving at Union Station approximately an hour overdue, I was met with an Arctic blast that just about knocked me off my booted feet.

So during my long, cold walk into the office, I composed a list of items that I will be purchasing after I receive (hopefully) my year-end bonus....and the list, in no particular order, goes like this:

1. WARM boots bought from somewhere a little more high-end than Payless;

2. Long underwear of the thin variety to put on under my pants - so that the only exposed panted-area of my legs....which today consisted of about 5 inches, do not freeze, thus once reaching the office start to itch and burn;

3. Gloves/mittens that actually keep my fingers toasty warm; and lastly....

4. Due to my breath condensing thru the "extra-long-two-toned-because-my-auntie-alberta-ran-out-of-one-color-while-she-was-crocheting-it" scarf and wafting up onto my face....waterproof mascara might also be nice.

it’s ice, baby, ice


Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Stay warm and happy holidays!

Moe Wanchuk said...'s not spelled b o n u s anymore....

It's now spelled BONE-US :)

Have a Merry Christmas