Thursday, December 18, 2008

Food…Glorious Food!

Today’s local paper contained an article entitled “How to Avoid Excess Weight Gain Over the Holidays!” wherein it asked this question:

“Are the holidays for spending time with family and friends or for overeating?”

My answer is "BOTH!”

I was very hungry this morning....quite possibly due to the impending snow/ice storm that is looming on Chicago’s horizon, which puts me into the gorging mode like just prior to hibernation...

if only I was a bear!

This might be the same instinct that sends people flocking to the grocery stores just before a forecasted big snow storm to STOCK UP on food as if we live in the middle of nowhere and won’t be able to get supplies for weeks due to impassable roads.

But back to my hungry bear belly....while walking to the office I was thinking of the best, easily available, quick breakfast food in Chicago’s Loop area that I have ever eaten and I came up with the winner....

Maxim's Restaurant at 20 North Clark Street, Clark and Madison, just across the street from the First National Bank Building, is a fine Greek-owned restaurant with a menu as thick as a book and a walk-up carry out counter where you can watch your food being prepared on the open grill.

I worked in that building for years and at times would order for breakfast this fabulous fried egg sandwich:

Two sausage links, sliced lengthwise and re-heated on the grill;

An egg over medium and just about when the yolk was perfectly set, the cook would slap on a piece of American cheese;

Two slices of soft white bread (the pic above is on toasted bread...but you get the idea) onto which the cook would place the newly-grilled-just-to-reheat sausage links, then the perfectly-cooked-egg with cheese, place the top slice on it, cut it in half and put it onto a piece of foil on one side and white papery material on the other and wrap it up.

By the time I would get upstairs to my office, grab something to drink and unwrap this was a sheer-now-slightly-steamy-melted-cheesy-breakfast-sandwich-delight.

soon my feet will be out of sight


Moe Wanchuk said...

I have oatmeal and a banana for breakfast everyday....and I still have Moobs :(

Liz said...

Oh gosh. That looks fantastic.

Thanks again Susan for the sweet package and all your supportive comments. I count you among my closest blog buddies, wish we could 'do lunch' instead of leave comments. :)


The Hat Chick said...

The Greeks have a special way with food, don't they?

My favorite quick break breakfast place was in an industrial complex in Mobile, AL that sold Breakfast in a Cup - grits in a styrofoam cup with anything you wanted in it - cheese, ham, sausage, garlic, scrambled egg - and it came with a biscuit perched on top like a lid. MMMMM!