Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Re-Posting from a Christmas Past...

Taking a break on the edge of the Eve...

to breathe in the trueness of this season and I think that this says a lot:

Are You Rich Enough For Christmas?

Are you rich enough for Christmas?
Is it tied to what you earn?
Do you feel that lavish spending
Heeds its meaning in return?
Does the money you will spend here
Spell your holiday concern?
Let's hope not!
But when friends will warmly greet you
With your same response in turn,
And your family gathers 'round you
Showing love and joy to burn,
That is all the riches needed...
That is all you need to learn.

R. Williams

R. Williams is a seasoned poet...whose work has never been shared outside of his circle of family and friends....I believe it deserves to be heard by more than a few.

anyone know an agent or two