Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Paid Off

I sat inside the Edible Arrangements store on Dearborn this morning, none-too-happily waiting for the office’s holiday party breakfast fruit basket, which I had requested be ready by 8:30 and was assured it would be.

“We need about 10 minutes to finish it up.” said the young woman behind the counter, before disappearing into a back area, where I could hear hushed tones and scurrying. After about 15 minutes of waiting she re-appeared, without the basket, so I said to her “You can be honest...was it not ready at all?”

“No, they were supposed to call you and let you know that it wouldn’t be ready until 9. It should only be about 10 more minutes.” she responded and then disappeared into the back again.

So much for on-line ordering and then following up with a call to the store to confirm.

As I waited I was already mentally composing my email to corporate....”Why do you even have a comment section on your on-line ordering form....if nobody reads it? This is my first time ordering with your company and it wasn’t a pleasant experience! In these economic times, I would think customer service should be first and foremost, etc., etc., etc.”

You get the picture...Sally (that’s me) was not happy!

After a total of about 25 minutes, the employee appeared with my order and said just three words:

“I’m sorry” followed by “here” and she handed me this....

Suddenly all the negativity surrounding this experience was gone and I was once again filled with the Holiday Spirit.

It’s amazing how chocolate can make a frown...

turn upside down


Cindiloo said...

I'm glad to hear that finally a company gets it!!!! Yippee maybe this is a sign of good things to come. But I'm still not shopping at Home Depot or Wal-Fart!!

hmmm chocolate

The Hat Chick said...

I almost bought a Edibles franchise. Corporate is scary, but good for the little guy in the store making it up to his customer.

Moe Wanchuk said...

Those Peanut Butter Blossoms from your prior story....I usually eat 10, then feel AWFUL....then eat 5 more.

Moe..the Chocolate Wh*re

Patti Urban said...

Hi Susan, We're very sorry that you were delayed in getting your fruit arrangement to your office on time. While it was very thoughtful that our franchisee included fudge sauce to make you feel better about the experience,we want you to know that we value you as a customer. Please contact me at with your email address so I can send you some coupons as well!

Thank you for ordering from Edible Arrangements, and we sincerely hope we keep you as a customer.

Merry Christmas!
Patti Urban
Edible Arrangements International Inc.
Director of Communications

Hedy said...

Patti! If only you worked for Office Depot and/or the U.S. Post Office! Fabulous customer service on your part. We'll all be customers of Edible Arrangements some day because of your service. Happy holidays!