Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"I have gone all day with a sticker on!"

was this morning's snippet - brought to you by a guy walking along with a couple of woman.

It made me smile.

C'mon who HASN'T walked around with a sticker, tag, stains that you were unaware of all day and nobody - not a coworker, good friend, commuting buddy, NO ONE has said a word to you?

Probably most everyone has, unless you are anywhere near Susan Snippets.

I have a long history of telling friends/family and complete strangers....

"Excuse me, your tag is sticking up."

"Your zipper is down."

or one of my more recent encounters this past summer, while waiting for friends to arrive at our local farm team's ball field, a woman walked past - a short, round woman with quite-obviously-new jeans on, bearing a sticker displaying "Size 16 SHORT" running down the back of her right leg. How could I NOT tell her?

And years ago, on the train home, a good friend sat down across from me and started talking...she had poppy seeds stuck into the gaps on both sides of her front teeth - I just started laughing - which agitated her and made her say "What the hell is so funny?"....and unfortunately, the more agitated she got, the more I laughed, until tears were streaming down my face. I finally was able to tell her to get out a mirror and look at her front teeth. She had eaten a hot dog on a poppy seed bun for lunch and then spent the rest of her work day meeting with clients, attorneys, etc. and no one told her.

After calling me an "a**hole" for laughing so hard, she thanked me.

So I do tell people about stickers, zippers, poppy seeds and such.

but try not to laugh too much


Liz said...

Susan, you crack me up. I was snickering about the poppy seeds, b/c that exact same thing has happened to me. I've decided that's how you can tell if someone is a good friend. If they tell you about how dumb you look (seeds in teeth, tag on clothes), they are a good friend. But if they DONT tell you... not a good friend.

Hedy said...

I was at the air & water show one year and came outta the bathroom with toilet paper hanging out the back of my pants. First and ONLY time that's ever happened and I still have no idea how it got there. But some kind woman like you told me about it and I've been grateful ever since.

Cindiloo said...

I ran up to a woman coming out of the Chicago Northwestern Train Station (yes I know it hasn't been called that in a million years, but to me it will always be the CNW train station)…any hoo, sorry off topic there for a minute...all I remember is seeing this woman's hinny and her big pink panties because her skirt was tucked into them. All I've got to say is thank goodness thongs were not in style back then!!!!!

That poor woman had been walking around for sometime exposing herself (the restrooms were not close by) with no one bothering to let her know.

Susan's Snippets said...

Glad to know I have close friends that wouldn't let my big, white hinny stick out or have me trail paper out of my backside.

great continental divide

Moe Wanchuk said...

A couple weeks ago, our boss bought us a huge box of freshly cooked Chocolate Chip cookies. It was like college again, we were eating them as fast as we could so no one would get more than the others. That was at noon. I got home at 5pm and my wife said..."That's nice...you have about a pound of chocolate up the whole side of your face.

Those Jackasses let me walk around for hours like that and no one told me!

Hi! I'm Kirsten... said...

Thank you!!!! More people need to be like this and I agree with Liz that it is the mark of a good friend!

Your comments on my blog were such a blessing. I am grateful that photography is something I get to spend my days wrapped up in, it's like the most comfortable blanket every made :-) Your son is quite talented as well, thank you for sharing his flickr with me. I am particularly impressed that a kid his age is so into vintage cameras. That's a lost art.

Your writing is a treasure, and I'll be back. Glad to "meet" ya :-)