Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Grand Opening!

Several weeks ago there was a much-celebrated-grand-opening in the Fulton River District neighborhood of Chicago.

Just slightly over three blocks from my office, Jewel-Osco has opened its first "green" grocery store, thus allowing Susan Snippets some new healthy lunch options.

So I walked over to peruse this glistening, clean, green store and found that the possibilities for lunch are endless, dependent only on my state of mind and taste.

If I am not too hungry and want something a little lighter I could go with one of these:

If I needed something a little more "filling" and possibly had just won the lotto, this might be the way I go:

If it was the week before payday and my wallet wasn’t very full – this could be my lunch of choice:

If my sweet tooth is really acting up...I would probably buy something like this for dessert:

And just in case I ever “eat” too much during lunch – I probably should purchase one or two boxes of these:

Oh, were you thinking I was going to talk about food? Well, what can I say...


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