Friday, October 3, 2008

A Wedding Weekend

Tonight is the kick off for a long awaited event....

Steve & Judy are getting married!

I am excited to be involved in this important weekend. I thank Hedy for introducing me to them and I also thank Steve & Judy for allowing me to glom onto their lives.

Both have marched down the white runner before and because of that they bring to this marriage a mature-lived-out-knowledge of what being married is truly about.

Tonight's church rehearsal will be followed by a gathering full of pre-ceremony feasting and toasting.

Tomorrow is the blessed union between the two - in front of us and most importantly under the watchful eyes of God.

A celebratory event at a local establishment will follow the nuptials.

But Sunday evening....ahh, Sunday evening is the gala reception – a favorite restaurant, emptied of its patrons and instead filled with the new bride and groom, along with family and friends, where we will eat, drink, dance and raise a toast....

to Steve & Judy - may they have strength to support each other in the dark times; a generous spirit of laughter and smiles to make bright times; and undying love and dedication for each other thru it all.

If they have this...

forever bliss


judy said...

What a wonderful friend you are! We are so excited to be able to share our "big day" with those we love and cherish.
We are honored that you dedicated today's blog to us.
Rest up!! It's going to be a GREAT weekend.
Love you.....

Hedy said...

BEAUTIFUL! Susan, you're something else. Now let's CELEBRATE!!!

Liz said...

God bless them... what a happy weekend.

Cindiloo said...

I'm CRASHIN!!!, it sounds like its going to be a fabulous event.

Congrats to Judy and Steve.