Wednesday, October 29, 2008

“Have a calm Wednesday!”

My friend remarked as he made the turn into his building this morning.

He sensed combativeness in me.

And as of this writing, there is no need to be alarmed, I have yet to reach the level of “Moe”.

And I promise, if I ever see myself going to that extreme, I will sound off bells and whistles and flares first.

My combativeness is actually complete, unmitigated frustration over several issues.

Which the normally cheerful-glass-is-half-full Susan Snippets doesn’t deal well with.

After fighting-like-hell-for-my-life, this is where I get partially stuck.

I envision those around me thinking “Why is she complaining? For God’s sake, is she not happy to just be alive?”

For the record - put me at the top of the list for being elated to have survived.

One of the issues I have to deal with is financial - mortgage payments; a car-that-runs-fine-but-won’t-pass-emissions-until-that-stupid-check-engine-light-goes-off-only-after-getting-it-repaired-with-money-that-I-am-currently-going-to-be-pulling-out-of-my-BUTT, and the list continues....but I will choose not to chase you all away with more negativeness.

Some Susan Snippets' background....

I was raised in an old school type of home.

My father worked EVERY DAY to support his wife, who has never had to work outside of the house, and his 8 children.

So I grew up seeing a mother at home, supporting her husband and family with all that she did, but my working-outside-the-home-ethic was groomed by my father. He raised us all, sons and daughters, to be self-supportive.

So at 14 in my middle-child-always-trying-to-pleaseness, I got a job and became financially self-sufficient.

That has been my story ever since, until now.

And I don’t like it.

It doesn’t sit well within me.

I get frustrated.

I cry.

I pray.

I get angry.

And I guess, at times, come across combative.

But in this process I will come up with a plan, this I know.

again, no worries, I won’t go moe.


Cindiloo said...

Sus, you need to put your financial issues in perspective. It’s only money. It comes…it goes. Okay so maybe more of it goes these days then comes, but that’s my point, we will always have something come up that tries to pull us down. Just try and ride the wave. Once you stop stressing about how you are going to pay for this and that, the solution will present itself.

You are very blessed. You have: a great house that you have decorated exactly the way you wanted; a big back yard for Buddy to run and play in (Odie and Trooper are jealous); two great kids; a family who loves you; a man who adores you and who is very handy (now I’m jealous…oops don’t tell Ron I said that); friends who care about you and whom you can depend on; and a job that gives you an enormous amount of flexibility. Did I mention a job that gives you an enormous amount of flexibility? :)

I guess what I’m saying is, God blesses us and provides for us in different ways, we just need to be patient and have faith.


Susan's Snippets said...

Cindiloo....I hope that those that know me well...know that I APPRECIATE and LOVE all those things you wrote about. And, yes, I know it will get better.

I am just, outside of insane medical bills (that a special fundraiser helped wipe out) for the first time since I have been 14 years old, in a difficult financial position and it doesn't sit well with me.

So when that snippet came up this morning...I choose to write about one of the reasons why I am that way at times these days.

life's a maze

p.s. - I remembered this saying during my lunch walk..."I thought I was poor because I had no shoes, until I met a man that had no feet." It put things into perspective once again in my mind.

money blind


ahh, the dreaded emissions test..
if you have a Chrysler take it to a place on rt 38 in Wheaton (You can walk to the train from there)

it should run you about $100--or find someone that you know to fix it..most likely it's an O2 sensor that's a cheap part--just installing is an issue..

Hang tough..stay away from Moe--

Larry's much sweeter
(even though I know you're not referencing the three stooges)


Moe Wanchuk said...

Hang in there Susie...You're not alone in this financial abyss. Tighten it up a notch.

I just hate Ann Arbor...she's a ho.

Hedy said...

Cindiloo rocks! What a blessing of a friend she is. Susan: You've been making it work financially since you were 14? You deserve to stand back and blow like Moe once in a while. xoxo

Susan's Snippets said...

Crusty - No it is a VW and part of the deal is an accident that my son had in it last July - a hit and run right on Rt. 38 in Wheaton. He drove it to Packey Webb and they have been unable to fix it completely (3 wrong parts allegedly sent to them) and have already been paid long ago by my insurance company. The other issue, is as you suggested an oxygen sensor. My guy is going to be installing that.

not money fat

Susan's Snippets said...

Moe - will be okay, in the meantime I am selling on ebay again - some of my collection of things that I have decided aren't needed in my life any more.

And who is Ann Arbor, the ho??

tell me moe

Susan's Snippets said...

Hedy - I am definitely in a better place, for reasons I have written about, plus some uplifting prayers at bible study tonight.

And again for the RECORD I am insanely thankful for all I have - family, friends and home.

love has shone

Moe Wanchuk said...

I went to Michigan State University....and our arch nemesis is the University of Michigan. UofM is in the city of Ann Arbor....and it's an inside michigan joke that Ann Arbor is an actual human being. If you ever go to a MSU vs UofM game, you'll always see kids walking around with t-shirts that say.....

"Ann Arbor is a Wh*re"