Monday, September 8, 2008

“Have a nice forgiving day!”

I heard him say to his female companion as they parted ways this morning.

I had been walking alongside them for a while so I recognized that they were friends, but I am not sure what exactly was behind his snippet.

It churns up all sorts of of which is the affect that anger and unforgiveness has on a person.

The only positive it has had for me is the motivation to grow and learn from a negative, unforgiving experience.

I, as we all do, have had many instances in life where I have held on to anger and unforgiveness due to an alleged wrong that had been done to me and/or someone I love.

“It is not fair!”

“They are not going to get away with that!”

And other snippets that have gone thru my head a millions times...all ending with the same physical scenario....

A stomach ache and the overall horrible feeling that stress puts on me.

All because of anger, unforgiveness and now that I am writing this, I also want to throw in the desire to GET EVEN, that I allow to well up inside of me.

When I let my anger go and forgive, seriously, wholeheartedly FORGIVE (not forget) a person or a situation....


I get back my power – which I unrightfully gave away to unforgiveness and anger.

And it feels great!


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a perfect post!!

Btw: he is definitely no phony--

A great guy with character and he does take care of his guys/gals.

I'd welcome him to stay for as long as he wants in CHIEF Status. :)
good tuesday!