Thursday, August 21, 2008

“It’s my Hippo form.”

my daughter responded to her girlfriend’s inquiry about the piece of paper in her hand.

Due to a snafu by the administration at Anna’s high school...the nursing program that she had been assured she was in senior year, that was on her schedule given to her at the end of her junior year; and, again, on her schedule that we picked up during registration two weeks ago....she was never registered for.

After an anxious week and a half, many tears and several we-will-get-this-fixed phone calls, she moved up the “wait list” and was accepted into the program.

That acceptance started a flurry of check writing and appointment making.

One of those appointments was at the local health department, where she would be given a drug screening and the first of a two-step TB test.

It was after checking in for the appointment that she was given this form.

“What did you call that?” I had to ask.

“My Hippo form.”

“It is not a HIPPO is a HIPAA form...Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.” I explained.

Hopefully, learning and understanding the proper terminology will be one of the first things this nursing program makes her do.

otherwise....a career at the zoo?


Liz said...

Too funny. Love your pottery up top, by the way.

Susan said...


I knew you would love the pottery pic!! I have lots and lots of pottery...but, unfortunately, that is not a picture of mine. As soon as I acquire that awesome digital camera I have been out.

As far as my posting cracks me up....she is definitely not in this family alone!!

blonde is our tone


very cool! Only I have a question, HS's are offering nursing school admittance?

What'd I miss?
As that's my future venue.


Susan said...


Anna will graduate with a Certified Nurses Assistant degree, which will at the very least, give her a leg up when it comes to college.

more knowledge

Moe Wanchuk said...

I got diagnosed with TB

Two Bellies

Susan said...

Moe....when you are at the doc's office do you get a HIPPO form?

fat is warm


thanks for the update...I know that's my first required course for nursing..

although I've already covered urine input and output..

I think she'll do just fine---
thank you again.