Friday, August 22, 2008

"Do you know who Brad Paisley is?"

I asked the elderly man sitting outside my suburban train station this morning.

He replied that the name sounded “familiar.”

I went on to tell this WWII-cane-wielding gentleman that Brad Paisley was a country singer who has a song out called "Waiting on a Woman." The video of which co-stars Andy Griffith sitting on a park bench talking with Brad about waiting his whole life on a woman....and that he, this old guy, reminded me of that song.

It was then he remembered why Brad Paisley sounded familiar...a neighbor of his drives one of the big rigs that hauls Brad’s band equipment from show-to-show around the United States.

We chatted a couple of minutes more about where he was from (the middle of Illinois) and then I had to head inside the station to get my paper before departing for downtown.

I know...I know - ”Susan Snippet you will talk to anyone!”

Yes....most of the time – you are right, I will – but especially, most definitely, if they remind me of a country song.

now sing along

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I'm not a country girl and I think Jessica Simpson's new beer ad is ridiculous not to mention "Come on OVer" ehem, however, I do know Brad Paisley and he has some voice--plus he's married to my favorite FATHER OF THE BRIDE and JIM BELUSHI'S Sister in law on tv..

great songs.
Safe weekend.