Tuesday, June 3, 2008

“That isn’t Blagojevich!”

“It isn’t?” she replied.

“No, see that’s not his hair.” her lunch companion said.

Yesterday, in the midst of my whirlwind day of getting THE filing out the door to court, lawyers, clerks, etc., I ran out to Singha to pick up some tofu soup and while there I was handed these great snippets.

The two people went back and forth in front of me – leaving the restaurant and then returning to see if our Boy Wonder was actually dining there.

Good luck with that, Singha would be a little low class for the likes of him.

Him - the man that I shook the hand of and voted for because he stood for all of the middle class, hard working, flag waving folks.....who has turned out to be just one of the good ol’ boys, driven by all the wrong things, the least of which would be ego, power and the almighty dollar.


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Cindiloo said...

Suz, As you may already be aware, I sooooo did not vote for that idiot in the Govenor's office, and not just because I'm a bible thumpin Republican (ok maybe not exactly bible thumpin). I knew he was no good during his first go around. Anyone who uses children for gain is not the kind I want representing me.

Maybe someday we'll have a real person in a position of power, who really stands for the people. I doubt will ever see that in our lifetime.

"MOODY FOR PRESIDENT" sure has a nice ring to it, don't you think :)