Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Pay Dirt!

The mother load!

I think I have finally come up with an invention that will make me millions!!

This morning while walking the sidewalks of this beautiful City to the office – enjoying the suddenly-summer weather – I was encased in cigarette smoke from the attractive 40-ish woman in front of me who decided it was time to puff away!

That is when the light bulb went off.....

I am going to start marketing small, medium, large and x-large sized goldfish bowls (sans goldfish and water) for smokers to invert over their heads, thus helping in two positive ways:

The first would be it keeps all the glorious smoke that a smoker so craves within their breathing zone.....every last wisp of it; and

Secondly, it would allow us non-smokers to actually walk in the open air without being encased in their second hand spew.

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Cindiloo said...

WOW, that put me smack dab in the middle of an internal argument. The x-smoke says yeah GO FISH BOWL!!, and the smoker says GO TO HELL X-SMOKER :)

Cindiloo said...

Suz, One question re the fish bowl process. How would you bring the fag up to your mouth. Let me know and I'll run a patent search to see if anyone else came up with the idea :)

Susan said...

Cindiloo - I hope you recognize that by posting "How would you bring the fag up to your mouth" is going to open the flood gates on a whole other topic.

Here we are talking about CIGARETTES - I would suggest a long handled tweezers to place the lit cig into their mouth and it stays there until it is burned all the way down.

how does that sound?

Hedy said...

Brilliant! Why don't we just take it a step further and issue them big Zip-Loc bags? They lock in the freshness and (eventually) would put all smokers out of their (and our) misery. Yes, I suppose it appears I'm advocating death via baggie to smokers, but I am doing my part to distract from the whole 'fag to mouth' thing. Really.

Susan said...

To quote you, Hedy, Fabulous!! I didn't even consider the Ziploc bags - that way they could unzip them to insert the fag and then zipper themselves back up.

Wow....Dilf is going to have a field day with this one.

fun, fun